Leaking Outdoor Faucet

outdoor faucet leaking

outdoor faucet leaking

You will see how simple repairs on a leaking outdoor faucet that includes an anti backflow/vacuum breaker feature on this page. This feature is usually helped prevent water from siphoning back into the public mineral water supply if public water supply is fail. It also helps the valve from being damaged if the fixture freezes.

It is different problem from leaking outdoor faucet while the water is turned off  and if the valve is leaking while the water is turned off. Actually, both have several repair methods.

The rubber grommet or even the cartridge is need replacement if you found there is leaking outdoor faucet while the handle is in the off position. Simply switch off the water in the way to resolve this problem, unscrew the handle and pull that handle out. Then, you will find the rubber washer or cartridge of some kind. A universal replacement style will be the rubber washer. It’s more expensive but the cartridges will more durable. Sometimes the parts shall no longer be available and all the assembly must be replaced.

This is often a waste of water plus a waste of your money if the outdoor water faucet leak from around the vacuum breaker while faucet is turned on. These faucets may be tricky to obtain apart. It looks as in case you simply unscrew the cap and see the inside of the faucet.

To unscrew that assembly, take two flat screwdrivers and insert them within the holes and make use of a third screwdriver. All that is definitely inside is a rubber o-ring plus a rubber washer. You can replace both of them. Simply remove your entire assembly with the Allen Wrench or even a Torx Wrench and set up new assembly available in the local big box store in case you have the mechanism which is attached to the outdoor faucet.

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